House Rules

Force Points

-1-3 = 2 per day
-4-6 = 3 per day
-7-9 = 4 per day
-10-12 = 5 per day
-13-15 = 6 per day
-15-17 = 7 per day
-18-20 = 8 per day

Force Boon – Now Adds +1 FP per day

Combat Changes

At the end of a charge a character may make a standard action melee attack (what ever that may be for the character)

Skill Changes

Trained Skill: Now grants +3; (bonus increases by +1 every 5 levels, +4 @ lvl 5, +5 @ lvl 10, ect ect.)

Anyone can train any skill. However; Class Skills: now grant +3.

Skill Focus grants +4; (bonus increases to +6 @ lvl 6 and +8 @ lvl 12)

Acrobatics: acts as the Jump and Climb skills.
Endurance: acts as the Swim skill.

Proficiency Changes:

Weapon Proficiency (Simple) makes you proficient with Advanced Melee Weapons.
Being trained in Pilot makes you proficient with Star Ship weapons.

Skill Att Jedi Noble Scoundrel Scout Soldier
Acrobatics DEX C X C X X
Deception CHA X C C X X
Endurance CON C X X C C
Gather Info CHA X C C X X
Initiative DEX C C C C C
Knowledge INT C C C C C
Mechanics INT C X C C C
Perception WIS C C C C C
Persuasion CHA C C C X X
Pilot DEX C C C C C
Ride DEX X C X C X
Stealth DEX X X C C X
Survival WIS X X X C X
Treat Injury WIS C C X C C
Use Computer INT X C C X C
Use the Force CHA C X X X X

C : Class Skill
X : Not Class

Trained Skills by Class:
Jedi: 4+ Int Mod
Noble: 7+ Int Mod
Scoundrel: 6+ Int Mod
Scout: 6+ Int Mod
Soldier: 4+ Int Mod

House Rules

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